Saint Brigid of Ireland

I am a huge fan of all things Irish. As a matter of fact, my parner and I call St. Patricks Day our own private holiday. So imagine my delight when I looked to the wiki today to see that it was the day of celebration for St. Brigid. On my last trip to Ireland, I visited St. Brigid’s Well, a strange and holy place.

So, I went a looking for stuff about her today. It seems she is a woman of great mystery and myth. Last year, I went with my beloved and her mother to learn more about the praying with the saints vs. praying to the saints. Being one of no Catholic background, it always vexed me why one would pray to a saint, when my prayers always went straight to da’ man (and I say that – not in the God is male way – but in a slang sort of you da man like I would say to any of my home-slices) and in the Name of the One who taught me to pray. I came away from that day with a better understanding, and a new found love for those people who have done amazing things, had tremendous gifts, and shared them abundantly. To know them, is to love them. For me, asking for a gift that we have seen in example in human form, is calling on the greater wisdom  and energy that is out there, and asking for it to be in here (she says pointing to her heart).

And so – dear Saint Brigid – “Brigantia, Exaltedness of Inspiration” – patroness of poets – thank you for the blessing of words and fire. Let your story keep me warm all day. Amen.