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7 years. Today is 7 years since my mother has left our family.

Also, Coretta King was memorialized today.

Today has proven to be an emotionally wrenching day for me.

I have been reading articles about Coretta, and was able to listen to part of the memorial service for her. She was an amazing woman, a dedicated leader and human with a great capacity to love. One article I read today tells a story about Coretta in 1994 writing a letter in response to claims that her husband would have been outraged at the homosexual community abusing the civil rights movement for their own purposes. She immediately shot a letter back saying that to deny any person the promise of america is just unacceptable. Equality for ALL.

More than all of the stories, another modern day prophet is now laid to rest. I just keep thinking, who are our modern day prophets? Where are they hiding? Do they just look different than the obvious Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, Brother Roger‘s of this world?

And what happens when 7 years pass, and dates start to blur, and the memory of our greatest heros start to fade? I want so badly to not lose the DNA of my moms life and message. She too was an amazing woman, with an enormous capacity to love. She loved with abandon her kids at home and at school. I miss her. A lot. I wish she knew me today. I wonder what she thinks.

And there are so few people who know me today that can say stuff like “you sound just like your mom when you say that” or “your mom would be so proud” when I do something that would, knowing my mom, make her proud.
Let’s all make a pact to never forget our saints and prophets, and embody their message in our lives.

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  1. If you can edit your post, it would be good to pick another link for MLK. The one you have is in fact an anti-King site from white supremacists.
    In addition to removing this advert. to the site, your removing your link will reduce it’s page rank in search engines.

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