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so sorry about the last astro post – I just looked at it and saw you could not read most of it. the long and short was that I am constantly amazed at how the planets and universe – which I believe are all a part of God’s amazing creation – align to inform us as to what energies are out there and in here (pointing inward).

Some people think that it is in direct conflict with Christian teachings, and I wish somone would tell me how come? I don’t get it. Really, if you know, can you tell me? Just curious.

Following up on dark night, I spent some quality time with my therapist yesterday. I always forget to not wear mascara on the days I am going to see her. Anyway, some really interesting thoughts came forward that I offer here.

1. It is ok to agree to disagree, and it does not make me less than or the other person less than to do this. Left and right cannot always meet and play harmoniously in the sandbox.
2. I am not stupid, uneducated, or less than valuable or gifted. I am just differently educated, differently gifted.
3. I need others to help me remember the past accurately.
4. Loss is inevitable, and loss begets loss. Lonely is lonely, but it can be a time of real transformation and growth.

Thanks for listening, thanks for your thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to walking this journey with you.

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  1. to put it frankly: i hear your cluck, big chicken.
    i relate to, understand, feel and experience so much of what you are writing about.
    i am enthused and eager to take this journey with you.
    peace to your beautiful and worthy heart,

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