oh, here we go again…

The headline reads (from my all things gay news source) Gay Calif. Episcopal priests up for bishop
And looking at it again, hours later, the headline is incorrect! The priests who are gay are from Chicago and Seattle! The headline should read “California search for new Bishop includes two gay candidates” Laim. Gross.
Now, for anyone who knows me or my journey, you know that my call is not be to the flag carrying, sticker wearing poster child for being a gay christian. i believe i am a christian, who is a woman, who has gifts and talents and abilities that God has blessed me with who happens to be in a relationship with a woman. and i just happen to be bi-sexual.

when i worked for my lutheran home congregation (former) , the issue was not really that big of a deal, because i was with a man. which was frustrating to me at times. it makes sense, however i was never veiwed as really gay, because in the public square, i wasn’t.

back to the article. what do you think the writer is trying to get across in the title of the article? remove the word gay and you would NEVER see this in any non-episcopalian press. i says to me, hey something juicy, really destructive might happen – stay tuned. gross. the article points out division in our global church, right – left, conservative – liberal, black – white.

while out reading my fave bloggers yesterday i found a new / old thing. The band Live calls it the beauty of gray.

this is not a black and white world
to be alive
i say the colors must swirl
and i believe
that maybe today
we will all get to appreciate
the beauty of gray

some churchy folks call it via media (the middle way), and now purple.
red+blue= purple. i love it.

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  1. Right on views, Lady. So important that in this age of media saturation that we all (ESPECIALLY our kids!) work to develop our critical thinking skills, a healthy sense of skepticism, and a set of antenna that asks: where is this information from? What does the writer/publisher/pusher want me to feel? So much of what is presented through traditional media is a play on our feelings to get to our wallets through our hearts. Gross is right. Let’s keep reading & thinking critically about not only what we take in, but also what we put out. God expects that of us, I think.

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