roe v. wade

and the news is in
PIERRE, S.D. — The Legislature on Friday approved a ban on nearly all
abortions in South Dakota, setting up a direct legal assault on Roe v.

ick. what is happening? i went to a outfront mn faith thing a few weeks ago. there was one person whos story really struck me. he said he was frustrated, frustrated that he was not able to focus on what he felt were issues that really needed his attention: affordable housing, health care, homelessness. all because the fight for GLBT equality is still raging on. i could not agree more.

i look forward to the day when we humans can focus on the big picture – peace, hunger, healthcare and NOT on womens rights, GLBT rights and bishops who are queer (openly – cause you know there is more than one Gene Robinson out there).

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  1. I hear ya sister!
    The battle to keep fodder in front of the masses has got to come to an end.
    It’s time we focus on what really matters.

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