It’s Easter Monday, the day when many of us who work in the church setting take the day off after being so busy over the Holy Week. It didn’t dawn on me not until last night that I had today off. The sun is out, the birds are singing and MPR is keeping me company in the background. A great day to get things done.

I sent a mass email last week, in an attempt to WOM (word of mouth) sell our home. I forget sometimes what happens when I send these out. Some of the coolest, most wonderful friends that I have and never see drop me a line to say hello. It reminds me, yesterday, at the ‘rents home for breakfast, I found a favorite quote framed on the wall. It is from one of my dad’s best friends and a modern day Guru, Don Theye.

"A friend gives without expectation and receives without obligation — hello, friend."

As I look back over my lent, and over this weekend, I am bowled over with grace. I know some pretty amazing, delightful people. I am blessed indeed.