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Two mix-n-match thoughts from out in the world today.
The first, a quote chosen by Rob Breszny for his astrology newsletter ( And the second, the poem "Prayer Chain" from Garrison Keillor’s A
Writer’s Almanac (link:

Attitude Adjustment, Babemba Style:
"In the Babemba tribe of South Africa, when a person acts
irresponsibly or unjustly, he is placed in the center of the village, alone and
unfettered. All work ceases, and everyone in the village gathers in a large
circle around the accused. Then each person in the tribe speaks to the accused,
one at a time, recalling the good things the person has done in his life. Every
experience that can be recalled with detail and accuracy is recounted. All his
positive attributes, good deeds, strengths, and kindnesses are recited
carefully. This ceremony often lasts for several days. At the end, a joyous
celebration takes place, and the person is symbolically and literally welcomed
back into the tribe."

—Jack Kornfield,
The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace

"Prayer Chain" by Tim Nolan.

My mother called to tell me
about an old classmate of mine who

was dying on the parish prayer chain—
or was very

or it had not worked out—the marriage—
or the kids were all on

all the old mothers were praying intensely

for all the pain of their children

and for life—they were praying for life—
in their quiet
decaf coffee—

I bet they’ve been praying for me at
I’ll find my way—so I won’t rob a bank—

I’ll take them—the mystical prayers of old
matters—all this
patient and purposeful love.

I like it when thoughts from (seemingly) different
places create a theme for a day. What if today we treated another’s unkindnesses
with love and praise? What if today we accepted the well-meaning prayers of
people who don’t necessarily see the whole picture, but pray for us anyway? What
if we not only cultivated this life view for those who surround us, but what if
we treated ourselves like this? Next time you make a mistake, instead of beating
yourself up, what if you remembered how good you are? What if today we started
believing our own prayers? I’m going to try it today.

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