God in the cramps

ok – I will say it. sometimes being a woman is just no fun. it’s that fun time of the month once again and i have already had cry fest ’06 at least twice today.

got me to thinking about God the creator. what on earth was the point in blood shed and mood swings and craziness for the females every single cotton-pluggin’ month? only God knows to be sure. 

yesterday i engaged in a conversation i am sure i had no business starting. words were flung back and forth, words like judgement, jealousy, sarcasm, even the F bomb showed up (from my end! ick.) i am still tring to understand why, normally around these times of the month, do i do this to myself? why do i open the floodgates for pain, during my flood of pain. *eeewww, gross*

and then God steps in ala the best radio station on earth. the current.
i listened as i rolled in the car on an errand, and thought, yep, that about sums it up for me. and any song that begins with La da da da da da da da is golden in my book.

no matter how frustrated, sad, hurt, can’t friggin believe it/why me i feel, I know that God loves me. and  this song (true, maybe written for princes lover) is my love song to God. thanks for having my crabby, snotty, not very nice christian back Lord. you da best.

From Sign of the Times – Prince
Forever in my Life

La da da da da da da da {x2}
There comes a time in every man’s life
When he gets tired of foolin’ around
Juggling hearts in a 3-ring circus
Some day drive a body down 2 the ground
I never imagined that love would rain on me
And make me wanna settle down

But baby, it’s true, I think I do
And I just wanna tell U that I wanna with U (And baby, if U do 2)
And baby, if U do 2
Oh 4ever, 4ever
Baby, I want U 4ever
I wanna keep U 4 the rest of my life (U can make right)
All that is wrong in my world, U can make right
(U are my savior, U are my light)
U are my savior, U are my light (4ever I want U in my life)
4ever I want U in my life (La da da da da da da da)
(La da da da da)

(Every man’s journey)
There comes a road in every man’s journey (Don’t be afraid)
A road that he’s afraid 2 walk on his own, yeah (I’m at that road)
I’m here 2 tell U that I’m at that road
(And I’d rather walk with U than walk it alone)
And I’d rather walk it with U than walk it alone (U are my future)
U are my hero, U are my future (No past)
When I am with U, I have no past
Oh baby, my one and only desire (Make this feelin’ last)
Is find some way in this doggone world 2 make this feelin’ last
(Sugar, it’s true)

2 thoughts on “God in the cramps

  1. Amen and amen. Great post…we need to learn to own our own messiness..(wrong illustration considering) but you know what I mean…God can only transform us when we are real before him… sounds like he reached in and gave you a hug when you most needed it!

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