Ode to Sir Edward Elgar

*whew* What a day.
Where was God you ask? I firmly believe God was in Duluth, in the 21st row of section 13 at the DECC for my baby sisters graduation from UMD. The commencement song, you know the one (daaaaah dah dah da daaahhh daahhh, la daah dah dah duhhhh) began and just like an unsupecting mother at her daughters wedding, the tears started to roll.Baby_sis002

When my mom went missing in ’99, my baby sister was just a wee freshman in high school. Today, following in her ma’s footsteps, she graduated (in four years no less) – and will soon be teaching high school . Just like ma.

So, up in the nose-bleeds, trying not to be super obvious about the tears and snot, a wave of gratitude washed over me. A drum circle from the Fond Du Lac community began. As the beats of the drum and the wail of the voices came, my prayers seemed to dance. The sound so primal. What a journey this family has taken. What an awesome God we have. Holy Creator God, thank you thank you thank you for today, for family, for Cassie. Through the music, and the culture in which it draws upon, the families of all of the graduates were right there, those in this world, and those who have passed on becoming a part of the whole communion of the saints. And ma. Her tears were my tears, together, dancing and praising God for this amazing girl / woman. (ok, my mom was not much of a praising God type, but a proud mother with tears of joy happened alot)I really could not have asked for a better way to honor my mom’s life than watching her daughter turn a new and brave corner today.



3 thoughts on “Ode to Sir Edward Elgar

  1. Thanks for the post about your mom and sister. It was beautiful to see the Divine in your sister’s graduation.
    Nice to see you on Revgalblogpals.

  2. Hello Sister,
    You make me smile. You know I am not a real “God” girl, but no one will ever be able to convince me that I was not blessed the day I got to have a mom who had you:) Just so you know, there is no other face in the world I would have rather seen in that audience than yours.
    Love you, Cassie K.

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