Lessons from another year gone by

Another Mother’s Day gone by. If I wasn’t convinced of God’s wild and lavish grace before, I would have woken up this morning convinced. I was listening to Krista Tippett yesterday and someone said something like they had a Wesleyan experience. Their heart was warmed over. That is what it feels like. A warmed heart.Warmheart

Lessons from another year gone by:
1) You are never alone.
I met Margaret Noonan Vaillancourt, author and Motherless Daughter at a brunch yesterday and bought her book, "Kiss me Goodnight." The book is filled with poems and short stories from the sisterhood of Md’s. At the brunch, we told stories of our mom’s, showed pictures, and listened to the thread that binds us. I am not alone.
2) Reaching out is GOOD.
I joined a web-ring of people this past week. I spent time reading, surfing, reflecting, and offering a few words here and there. Suddenly the I am not alone lesson is learned by opening my self, my journey and the work that God is up to in my life. Reaching out is good.Reaching

3) Grief is awkward for those who are not in it, and that’s OK.
4) God’s story is so huge, and the world is so small.

I went to church yesterday, first time in years on a mother’s day. Of course I intentionally went to a place I knew would have a smaller dose of the Hallmark holiday. So, walking up to church, out of nowhere appeared my dear friend Heather. She and I have this strange relationship, always have, where if we try to plan a get together, it never comes together. But if we wonder, think about each other, and follow our intuitions, we end up in the same places. Her face came around the corner of the building and we burst into cheerful hellos, laughter, and a familiar understanding of how God’s story is so huge, and our worlds are so small.

So there you have it. Another MD gone by and profoundly richer for it.

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  1. God is even in the little details. How wonderful that he did that for the both of you. Also, I am so thankful that both you and she were obedient and did what God led you to do or you would not have been at that place to have met up!
    You are awesome.

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