like baptism, sort of

ain’t moving  a bitch? the packing, the unpacking, heavy lifting, sweat, aching muscles I forgot I had. oh, but what a feeling. and you will notice, i only bitch for just one half of a second. i am blessed indeed to even have a place to call home.

it all started last wednesday, the 17th. a friend of mine invited karen and i to the building dreams: beyond bricks and mortar event that CCHT sponsors every year. CCHT is this amazing organization here in the twin citites that responds to the call of Jesus to justice and care for your neighbor. i was reminded that i am blessed beyond measure, and that all of the pain is nothing compared to the pain it would and could be if i did not own a home.

so the move started on wednesday, and has continued at quite a pace. we are coming in for the Hot_tub_2home stretch, but are not done yet. so last night, before falling into bed, i looked into my dear partners eyes and asked if we could go out for a quick dip in the new hot tub. like two little kids getting permission to play after dark, we quickly donned our bathing suits and sprinted out the back door. the water was 102 degrees and lovely, the air cooled at about 60, and MPR’s classical station was our background music.

we settled in, getting the jets just so, looked at our new home and said a prayer. the song by Randy Travis called baptism ran through my mind. there is a line in there that goes …

Then it was down with the old man(woman?)
And up with the new
Raised to walk in
The way of life and truth

it is really hard for me to put words around how amazing this life feels. letting go, letting death be death and letting God do what God does best (if you only give it over and let it happen). God sure does love me, and i only hope that i can give away the love as much as i am receiving it.

Anyone up for a dip?

2 thoughts on “like baptism, sort of

  1. it’s pretty darn good, Sweetie! Yes, let’s just let go & let God–let faith take us where we are supposed to be. And if that happens to be a big ol’ hot tub in our very own backyard, who am I to question God!? : )

  2. I’ve been a voyeur, reading my old friends’ blogs as a substitute for seeing all of you in person. Hearing your stories and laughing and crying along with you. (Virtually) watching your lives change, grow, evolve into heartbreakingly beautiful things. I have yet to post a comment on anyone’s, though I read all your words religiously. Today your entry brought tears to my eyes. I realized what was missing in my life, that loose thread that has been unraveling the rest of me for some time now. A home. Not just a place to live. A Real Home. Congratulations to you and Karen for finding that in each other, and in the new walls, rooms, and tubs that make up your new home.

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