Humble Hello

Went out for a smoke break.
I work for the Episcopal Diocese of MN. Recently we welcomed new neighbors into our building, the Resource Center for Episcopal Community Services. They used to be housed in St. Mark’s Cathedral, but for a variety of reasons, have now moved up the hill to be with us. The Resource Center is a place where people can come and get lunches, bus tokens, and a variety of other helps for people in need or transition.

So, I was headed out for my smoke break. Two gentlemen were leaving the resource center. The first went just ahead of me, the second was behind me by about 45 secnds. The first guy said quietly and under his breath, looking down at the brown bag lunch he had just received, "thank you Jesus." The second man, came out to join his friend, bag in hand and gave me a *tsk,tsk,tsk* as I lit up. I responded with, "yea, I know."

I wonder if I do.

Do I really know what a blessing it is to have food in my belly everyday? Do I really know how much I am harming my body, my temple, by filling it with pollutants every day? Do I really know how much God entrusts me with by giving me my health and my body to use as a gift and blessing to God’s creation and people?

Something to chew on today. Thank you Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Humble Hello

  1. You wouldn’t expect me to say this, but I think it was worth that smoke to have that experience.
    Thank you for using this great story to remind each of us here how blessed we are–the littlest things of our day are probably our greatest blessings.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. good for you Rach… I hear ya.
    I think alot about that when I’m eating or choosing laziness. That’s why I try to use my body everyday, because it truly is a gift and a temple.
    And, what is a ‘Sweetie Sweeterson’?

  3. You know Rachel, you couldn’t be more right on. We abuse our bodies (and our good health) in so many ways and rarely take the time to reflect on how amazing a gift they really are. I guess it’s true that we really don’t know what we’ve got, until it’s gone.

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