all the news that is fit to print

Here is the YAF news from today.
Download newsletter_2_june_13_2006.pdf

Sorry that it is formatted funky. I am too tired to fix it. Promise it will be better tomorrow. I will post the morning issue as soon as I get a cup of coffee in me first thing in the am.
For now, it sooooo past my bedtime, and Andrew the newspaper editor is tired and crabby, so I gotta go to my happy bedtime place.

Hey – thanks for your prayers everyone. You really can’t imagine how they have been heard and felt. Bless bless bless you.


3 thoughts on “all the news that is fit to print

  1. Just to let you know….I’m thinking about you. You’re doing good work. Maybe I’ll see you this weekend. We get into town on Fri night.

  2. Rachel,
    I love the news letter. I am interested in hearing more about what IYAN proposed to the committe’s today. I am having a “call to action” in Duluth. The news paper is doing a rather large story on me this weekend with all my contact info, and I don’t know where to guide people once they call me. Is it possible to get a copy of the things a person can do in light of the MDG’s that IYAN may have all ready put together in the newsletter?
    Peace and love to you!

  3. Hey Rachel,
    Glad you are doing this, I hope it is going well, I will try to read all the updates, please let Douglas and others know I am praying for you guys! Thanks for all our great work!
    Be well,

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