Have you never been mello?

Well Campers, it is official, I am tired. Really tired. So much so that I am feeling overly emotional and fairly lonely. I miss my home, I miss my beloved, I miss my kittens.

I had lunch with the MN gang today, which was really nice. It was good to see a room full of familiar faces. After lunch I stopped to talk with R.C. about putting my name forward for a Standing Committee for the National Church. Thom Chu gave me the form the other day, to make copies available to the YAF participants. Douglas talked with the design team about it as well. I looked it over and had already started to pray about it. The team / committee that I feel really drawn to is Domestic Mission and Evangelism. I filled out the form, R.C. signed it, and now I just need to make sure I feel called and turn it in. Who knows what my chances are. Join me in my prayers for this.

This afternoon was "spiritual knitting" with my dear friend Carol Taylor. She was so wonderful, and we had 26 participants, which was just enough. All of the spiritual excercises have been really amazing. Actually, I think the whole festival has been amazing. I wish everyone knew what a gift all of these young people are.

You know, I feel strange sometimes, sitting on the Young Adult National Coordinating Committee, and now on the Young Adult Festival Design Team. There is one, count him, one young adult that is here at the YAF from the Diocese of MN. And he is here for the whole festival, but was also asked to come and be a presenter for the festival. He is also doing a reading for one of the big convention eucharists. So – he is really here in a leadership position, like me. I know, young adults are busy, and it’s hard to take time off of work and life to come to something like this. But it seems like zero or one out of 157 is kind of, well not good. I hope and pray that our delegation will take heart and begin to think about what young adult ministry in the Diocese of MN might look like. My last event for the YANCC will be in September, I hope to devote myself, my heart and passions with others from back home to build up and pray about YA ministry. Maybe some of you are reading this right now, and want to talk. I am ready listen and share.


3 thoughts on “Have you never been mello?

  1. Hello darling. I am praying for you all week long. I hear what you’re saying about YA in MN. It breaks my heart on a consistent baisis. I feel so alone here in my dicoese, and even more so in Northern Minnesota. I hope that Rev. VanOss really has some good plans that God helps us implement up here. We are good people who need to start realizing that our spirtual life is important as well as our carrers, realtionships, and fun time. I’m here with you and please contact me when you are rested and relaxed so we can talk about what to do about YA in MN. And I would have been at Convention if I hadn’t spent the week before in New York with International Young Adult Ministries. But such is life.
    Take care of yourself and let me know what assistance I can be.

  2. I just had another thought to share with you. A small resason I decided not to go to convention was that I had been involved when it was here in my own state. I know three years is a long time to recover, but maybe some MN YA’s thought they’d take this next one off. Not a really great reason I know, but I’m willing to bet more then just myself considered this.

  3. Question: do MN YAs–or all YAs–suffer from “what’s in it for me?” questioning before participating in or leading YA ministries?
    Just curious if developing programming, leadership opportunities, and communities that YAs want to belong to need to be presented benefits-first (paying attention to our consumer-culture mindset). I ask ’cause I’m curious if this is part of why Gen X/Y is not as church-organization focused as Gen Boomer or previous (although do NOT read that as “not as religious/spiritual”! It’s about organizing not believing)?
    I’m getting beyond the YA age range, so just curious what the younger set thinks about programming being developed for them–is it compelling? Certainly 157 YAs think so! Is it being presented in a compelling way with the end-user in mind?

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