not alone

Thanks friends for helping me to remember I am not alone. For your guidance and prayers, I am grateful.

So last night I totally bagged out on Theology and a Pint. Sunday, I bagged out on the Pride parade. I am trying not to feel like a heel about it. On both occasions, sleep was the driving factor. Since coming home from GC06, I have had this uncontrollable urge to sleep and nest in my home. I used to be the gal who would make a bunch of plans and then show up to about half of what I said yes to. I hate that history about me. So when the urge starts to rear it’s ugly head, I get afraid that I am backsliding into that old way again.

Some troubling news comes from the Archbishop of Canterbury today. Sitting with it for a while before I write about it.

One thought on “not alone

  1. Troublesome for me too because we are both people who value the keeping of commitments. However, perhaps the trick is to be more aware of our constant & real needs for rest & sustenence in all their different forms beyond just sleeping & eating.
    We think we can do it all and then we fall down. Perhaps if we purposefully sat down for a little rest along the way more often, we’d fall down less often : )
    We gotta learn to take care of ourselves–and each other. And learn to say no, and learn to ask for a raincheck and know that others will understand.

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