happy 100th post

BalloonOh the joy, oh the celebration, my 100th post!
Who knew?!?!

As I reflect back on where I was when I started, and where I am now, I have come to learn a few things about a few things.
Top 10 things I have learned from keepin’ a blog

  1. I look forward to dumping my brain and heart.
  2. I like to share stuff that someone else has shared with me, to raise the collective spirits or to join together in collective prayers for someone or something.
  3. The communal aspect of keeping this blog never ceases to be  amazing and wonderful.
  4. I love getting visitors from places I have never heard of.
  5. I had no idea I had so much to say about any given topic.Clink
  6. I think I might actually like this discipline, crazy, since I can’t seem to do anything else with any sort of regularity.
  7. This thing is great for my prayer life.
  8. I love reading every single one of the links on my page, and find wisdom and GodGaps every time I check my fave bloggers and pages out.
  9. People are GOOD. Real real good.
  10. Community. It is where it’s at. Gather, discuss, share, imagine, dream, cry, pray, hope, vision, eat, sip, hold and love.

Thank you for a great 100. Here’s to 100 more! *clink*

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