counting my blessings

One:  I have great friends who take me and my beloved out on boat rides for much much fun. Saturday we spent the day on the lovely St. Croix with Tana and Wendy on the Super Soaker. So much fun, a little too much sun. Owch. So, the last few nights have been not so good for sleeping, what with the sunburn and all. But, the memories and time was worth it. Next time… lots of sunblock all over.Img_0389

Two: Brought Karen to work this morning, and ran right over to Walgreens for the cure. Ahhhhhhhhh. Slathered a whole bunch on, and letting the cool healing begin. It’s no match for the real thing (the real aloe plant), but it will do for sure.

Now to get started on my day…
Three: Coffee on the porch, don’t want to move too quickly. The view just keeps getting better. The air is cool, the flowers keep bloomin’, and ta da! A new handrailing! Whoo hoo! Now we can get our insurance back for the house. Ain’t it purdy?
Kudos to my dad’s friend and master carpenter Steven Veit for this work of art.Img_0386_1
Live in the Twin Cities and need a carpentry guru? Email him at You will not be disappointed.
Now, down to the basement to begin setting up the studio. Oh, maybe just one more cup of coffee.Img_0388


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  1. Four: a blog on which to count your blessings.
    Five: friends, family, and unknown folks to become friends & readers to read your blessings, comment, agree & discuss.
    Six: Summertime!

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