Ode to Dot

Ditty_napthumbMy sweet sweet Ditty Dot Dot has gone to live in Eden Prairie, MN. It’s an awfully long way from the alley from whence he first came.
It’s been a time of adjustment at the new casa.
Most of the boxes are unpacked, the books are on the shelves, and with one less kitten, it’s a bit quiet, but things are finally feeling like home.

Yesterday I spent most of the day hanging art. Towards the end of the day I busted out my boxes of books. Holy, do I have some good stuff to read. I am looking forward to getting to it. Steve Taylor’s " the out of bounds church" (which if you have been reading me for a while you know it was on my bedside months ago! it will feel good to get back to it), Parker Palmer "To know as we are known",  a few books on the diaconate, some fun stuff like not all oranges are bad fruit. I got books. Good books. Books maybe someone would like to read with me – like a book chat or something. Hmmm….. ideas brewing.

And the most exciting news of it all – the community living science experiment begins! Our good friend and favorite all around dude, Justin has moved in. He’ll be with us until the end of August, and hopefully we will do some learning and growing together.

Today is the first day of being "officially" full time at work. It feels tre’ good. Ch Ch Ch Changes.

(turn and face the strain)
Dont want to be a richer (wo)man
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different (wo)man
Time may change me
But I cant trace time


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  1. Darn, our naughty, stinky alley cat is cute in that pic! I like to think it’s good of us to share him, that way I don’t feel so sad.

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