Monday, again?!?!

What a weekend! What a ride!
Friday was dinner with my boss, Karen, and  good couple friends, Ericka and Steph. We laughed and cooked and laughed some more until nearly midnight. The recipe we made was a veg lasagne and holy was it good. We subbed out 1/2 of the red sauce for an alfredo sauce (great sugestion by our friend Petey at Jakeeno’s in our old ‘hood) and it was delightful.
Saturday was a day from heaven. Sleep in, have coffee on the front porch with my love and my good friend RC. Ate some leftovers and went on a day journey, which ended up being into Stillwater, MN. It’s a fantastic river town, beautiful and packed on Saturday. But, we walked around, shopped a bit and then I got my tattoo fixed (ala my friend Jon Lam, who let me know that my tattoo I got years ago didn’t say Jesus, it just said Je. so wierd) Here is the image that is now on my upper back/neck.
JesuschristchineseI got this tattoo originally as a going away present when I left working for the Bryant Lake Bowl and going into ministry. Great gift. I still miss that job sometimes. Best one I ever had I think.
Anyway – then we went on to dinner at some friends of ours restaurant, Cesares. If you live in MN, you MUST go. It is owned by two of the nicest and hardest working people I know, and the wine list is hands down the best anywhere. Oh – and did I mention the cheese?

More about the weekend later…. So I guess this is part one. Jon Francis of Stillwater is still missing. Here is another article link. Thank you for the prayers for him and his family. The next posting will go a little further into how this event has filtered into my dreams and psyche. Sleeping and waking has been tough.