Friday five *phew*

It’s friday, time for the friday 5. I think the lead up today is very fitting to where I am at, and I am delighted to do the 5 today. I am feeling funky again. I don’t know if it is being busy, conversations had this past week, or the state of the world out there not matching up with the state of the world in here (she says pointing to her heart). I am no pollyanna, a dreamer and goodness spreader, but not a dreamer. My dear friend being diagnosed with cancer and terrorism being the every other word in the media the past two days, has left me funky.

So without further adiu, the friday 5.
Well, those of us in the United States are on high
alert for air travel. Thank heaven, it appears that a huge disaster has
been averted. Meanwhile, dreadful conflicts continue in the Middle East
and around the world. We here at RGBP certainly hope and pray for
safety, peace and fullness of life for all the peoples of the world.

5 describes the fruit of the Spirit. With all the sadness and despair
out there, we certainly need it! So, the Friday Five is simple. Pick
any five of the following attributes and go wherever the Spirit leads
you… your choice! Suggestions: When have you experienced this
attribute? When have you struggled with it? Or who embodies it for you?

Or if you’re feeling light-hearted–just assign a fruit to each one. I think Generosity is a Banana, don’t you?

Love = cherries. A big fat bowl of summertime cherries. When I was was growing up, mom would buy a big bag of cherries every week while they were in season. Grocery shopping was no treat for her. CherryShe would spend about $200 a week to feed us, 4 kids, a husband (who could eat a horse if given the opportunity) and herself. My favorite job growing up was unpacking the groceries, that meant you got first dibs on the goodies, like cherries, fruit roll ups, potato chips. The goal was always to get to the cherries before her husband, cause once he got a hand on the bag, forget it. Gone, for another week.

SO how does this tie back to love? They are the fruit that reminds me most of my mom. The thMa_1ings we used to do, the talks, the chores. And when I think of my mom, I can’t use any other word than love to describe her or who she was to me. Unconditional, forgiving, unrelenting, wild abandon love that she had for me, and me for her.

Patience = pomegranite. Yes – the fruit that is all the rage now, showing up in health food stores and tables of fancy schmancy restaurants everywhere. Have you ever peeled one? Now that requires patience, all the little seeds of goodness, some easy to get out, some not so much. Each one of them a tiny gift of taste explosion.

Generosity = Watermelon. My partner is not a fan of this fruit, however I am. Big, juicy beyond what the mouth can handle, a sign of long generous hours of light in the summer, the fruit that keeps on giving, water and sweet and fun all inside this big ol’ melon.Child_watermelon

Faithfulness = banana. My former senior pastor used to use a banana in his stewardship sermon. He talked about the best part of the banana, the first bite of the newly ripened fruit. Imagine that you cut your banana into bites, and those bites represent your money. Is your first bite, the best one, going to God and Gods mission in the world? Or is is going to the things that make you "feel safe" like a mortgage, the rent, car payment? I gotta get back to being a first bite, faithful christian steward, and put my money where my mouth is.

Gentleness = prune.

Happy Friday all.


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