I just wrote this huge long post. And then crashed. Argh.

Not much in the brain pan today either. Just thowing out some good vibes, in hopes to get some back. How is your day everyone?


6 thoughts on “laim

  1. My day is good & I’m trying to stay focused–which is hard today.
    I feel your pain about the long-post-lost. Stupid crash!
    I’m gonna go look at “you knit what?!”–that’ll cheer me up, although I think I just lost focus …

  2. Howdy,
    just surfed on in! Great to see you today. I love your AnamCara blog, too. Exciting time for both of y’all, you’ll be in my prayers. I love it.
    Dontcha hate when the computer eats your post! Argh.
    It’s trying to decide whether to rain here. Think I will go out and walk the dogs (2 Maltese) nothing like walking two white dogs to make it rain and get muddy. Better than rain dance!
    have a great day. mary beth

  3. Just found your blog a few days ago, and lovin’ it…
    bummer on the lost post. Perhaps it was too good, too pure, too noble for this world.
    IMHO, that’s what you should tell people, anyway.
    yours in the struggle,

  4. hi. my day, so far, is good. I have lots of reading to do (surprise, surprise), and my dog is whining. Today, a big machine is in my garage, and it will chew up and spit out many bales of cellulose in an attempt to bring down my heating and cooling costs on the house. the cellulose will be spat into the attic, not just anywhere.
    also, a cat left me a mostly-dead mouse this morning. It was not my cat — my cats don’t go outside. I think someone is courting me. or my dog.

  5. Thanks for all the great updates in your days ya’ll. MB – hope there were no raindances, Max, too funny. Bless you. Sara, gross, but very very sweet.

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