Jesus and my sister

Looking for some inspiration today. Feelin’ a bit low. So – I ran across this great post from Can you hear me now? about hospitality and lack there of. The rest of my ramblings pale in comparision to this post, so go read it.

Going across country with my baby sister, and now this post, has reminded me of one very important thing I seemed to misplace: love your neighbor as yourself and be kind, tenderhearted, forgive one another. My sister, the most amazing not-Christian, has shown me these qualities and has them in spades.

I am not sure where along the lines this happened, I got crabby, but it is time to put it aside. I have been snapping at people, occasionally using the f-enheimer, and generally been unpleasant to be around. I have forgotten what a joy it is to be me. Somehow, I got this wierd thing, kind of like a rash, where it is all about me, how hurt I am, how the slightest thing like not having wireless, or my co-workers bugging me on vacation or not doing something my way, and so many more examples, have made me unpleasant to be around, difficult to talk to, and all around kinda gross to be in my own skin.

Today is a new day. God give me the heart and kindness to see the logs in my own eyes, give me the heart of compassion and joy that I know you long for me to have. In the words of Ghandi – let me be the change that I wish to see in the world. Take the hurts, my pain, and heal my broken heart. Lead me and guide me to be more like the person you see me to be. Where there is darkness, show me the light so that I might sow and spread it. All in your name, Amen.


4 thoughts on “Jesus and my sister

  1. I think that we all go through those times. Being able to recognize it and do something about it is what it is all about. You always have a choice and I am glad you are committed to using your choice in a good way.

  2. the south node in Leo is an amazingly powerful energy.
    try and remember that there is always a bigger picture out there, and you have been given the task of showing the people around you what exactly that means.

  3. Nothing ‘pale’ about that post. It was wonderful. First that it reminds us all that there is purpose to everything…second that we fall short and sometimes need to be re-directed. Thank GOD there is enough grace and mercy for a lifetime! THough some days I honestly wonder if I’ll run short!
    Thanks for the link BTW!

  4. Not to put a stumbling block in your path, but IMHO it’s majorly uncool for co-workers to contact you while you’re on vacation unless the building has burned down and they’re letting you know you don’t have to come back just yet. Boundaries, people. Please. Of course you don’t need to let it ruin your day, but I do believe there’s a Christian path (a via media, perhaps? ;p) between kindness and doormat. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    yours in the struggle,
    and thanks for the link! I’m honored!

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