I’m in a peanut butter state of mind

5150024191It’s not exactly a New York state of mind, whatever.
What does PB mean to me? Why would it be my state of mind?
In a word, comfort.
It is my #1 comfort food of all time. On bagels, with cheese (don’t knock it till you have tried it). Every morning I battle my bulges. I look in the mirror hoping that it is my "fat" mirror and not really me. But, I have not been good to my body over the past 5 years or so. In vein I have tried little spurts of eating healthy (which I think I do for the most part) or getting excersize. The fact remains, I did not stick with it, and the never fails weight loss program that has worked for me has been major family trauma or a failed relationship breakup. And even my last relationship break up, which was awful, did not bear the same results as the one before. I know that I need to change my mind, find something fun for excersize, and then make a change of lifestyle and habits to make it stick. Oh I am really getting off point – the point was – eat breakfast every day to jump start your metabolism, and pb on bagels with chesse is my favorite, and was what today started with.
With celery, the un-food-food. The perfect snack food if I can con myself into the celery part. I had some yesterday, and will again today for late afternoon snack time. My baby sis, she is really the one who is super cute, super thin like my mom, and eats all of the time, small stuff, snacks. Works for her.
Peanut sauce (which is much like butter) in my thai food. Oh is there anything better? Pad Thai – the official dish of Thailand, you have my undying love and the #1 spot in my heart as my favorite comfort meal. Significant things in my life have happened over Pad Thai. Two relationships began, one ended, the last time I talked to my mom, I was eating Pad Thai.
Food – Jesus used it as a central message about his life and death.
Lord, thank you for always putting abundant food in my days and nights. Help me to remember how to use it, not to abuse it, let me remember always those who this post would be a slap in the face, for those who have no food, or live day to day with so little. Thank you for my body, help me to love it as much as you do, to treat it always with kindness and care. In the name of your Son, Jesus, the Christ. Amen.


7 thoughts on “I’m in a peanut butter state of mind

  1. R – you need a partner other than your SO to help keep you on track. A good workout partner can make exercising more interesting and help hold you accountable. Although in an ideal world, we all should be able to keep ourselves on track, but it rarely works out that way. Instead, mutual accountability is the way to go. Hope to see you soon. Cheers!

  2. I love PB too, and it is really good for you, so very nourishing. Also I recently read an excellent book called The Slow Down Diet, not really a diet so much as 8 principles for changing your relationship with food that also affects your metabolism. I have banned diets from my life forever and vowed to enjoy the food I do eat as much as possible, every last luscious bite. Amazing how much more quickly I become satisfied when I celebrate each bite.

  3. Hey there. I found you Christine’s Sacred Art of Living blog. I also just checked out your Anam Cara site — woowee! Congrats on the wedding. I moved from MPLS two years ago. Just seeing the ADDRESS of the church where you’re getting hitched made my heart lurch a wee bit. Love that area. Best to you both. And three cheers for peanut butter!

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