a good listen for today

A nod from someone posting on revgals today, got me to this interview with Barbara Brown Taylor, done by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. It is totally worth a listen, especially for an episco-geek like me.
One of my favorite, totally quoteable, things that Barbara said was this (in response to Terry’s question whether she (Barbara) stands for gay equality in the Episcopal Church, at ANY cost):
"The church IS both split and together. One of the reasons I chose the Episcopal Church in the first place was it was not a church that insisted on my doctrinal conformity. It was a church whos book was called the Book of Common Prayer, not the book of common belief."
Give it a listen if you are into that kind of thing.


One thought on “a good listen for today

  1. Hey, glad I found YOU!
    I see you go to HoM, I’m friends with Josh and Russ. I actually sang there as a guest artist in July. I’ll be living in the Twin Cities for much of next year…have to attend Lutheran Finishing School at the Mother Ship (Luther Seminary)….glad we connected

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