mine is a rip off blog, apologies

J2k7I hate to continue to not actually write something, but the content out there is just so good.
I found this little article called "Jesus and I broke up" from KtB today. Makes me think about my own relationship with the big J. Oh – we are not on breaking up terms by any means. Not even close. But I think we have fallen into what the female queers call lesbian death bed. In the begining it is all sex, sweat and hot stuff. U-hauls are called, and moshing and holding hands in public is what it is all about. Then, months, sometimes years pass, and the "hot-ness" fades. Weight gain is often a factor AND a fact. Routine, patterns, the usual, it all feels good, just no longer say, earth-shattering.

But what about the radical, life changing, table turning, ocean of living water love in Jesus?!?

Me and Jesus, just need to have some talks. I am not ready to break up. I don’t think He is either.

BTW – check out this great post (HT to michael @ rudearmchair, who comments first). Maybe this has something to do with it?


One thought on “mine is a rip off blog, apologies

  1. Wow, I just never thought I’d see a relationship with Jesus compared to Lesbian Bed Death with a mention of U-Hauls too. I mean, who woulda expected that?! Well done analogy.
    Note that on this same day, to the right of the post, the world is slightly happier today at 3.89 out of 5 than it has been in several weeks. Relationship among all these things? Hmmmm.

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