who knew?!?

So I hear from sarcasticlutheran that it’s Blogday 06. She says and I say

Apparently today is Blog Day 2006. I’m not entirely sure what that means exactly, but I know that I should list 5 blogs I like that I haven’t mentioned before:

OK. So, the people I read the regularily are on "blogs i heart" and "get to know em",(and I don’t think I have mentioned before in previous posts) and like a whole whole lot are Max, NatalieDee, SarcasticLutheran (ok- i mentioned her just now, but that doesn’t count), sacred art of living, and Tierra y cielo.

There really are so many more, seems I find new cool folks every day. So I hope you just keep checking the links on my sidebar. And for those who read me, consider yourself tagged. Maybe we make it BlogWeek 06?


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