always when I travel

So whenever I travel with my young adult peeps, my blog suffers. So even though it is a short post, I feel compelled to write and say I met a RevGal in person today! So effin neato! Thanks for coming to visit me Sarcastic Lutheran!

The other high point (other than being 5,280 feet above sea level) was hearing this little ditty from my friend Ewart.  WARNING – not exactly for wee one’s ears, or for loud volumes in your cube. HT to SLOlane for letting me point people in your direction until I can figure out where to find this for my iTunes.

I am here in Denver, and a part of me is missing. Not me really, but my friend, Carol is not able to be here. She is my friend and teammate. We got word today that she has a very rare form of cancer, and they are having a hard time knowing how to set forth a course of treatment. The whole team is just not the same without her.

So today is a mixed bag.
God of Mercy, grant us peace. Amen.

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