Captain Underpants

Oh yeah, and my highlight for the weekend in Denver came right at the end. Got a bump from my flight on Sunday to a flight on Monday (in exchange for a flight voucher for $300 from NWA) and ended up having some quality time with my dear friend, RC. So – we caught a shuttle to the hotel NWA was putting us up in, grabbed some dinner at Bennigans and walked back to settle in for the night.

Captainunderpants_logoNeither one of us had our luggage, no clothes, no toothpaste, just us, our computers and RC’s guitar. So, laying down to sleep, I got under the covers and tried to undress and still be "decent." RC, after turning off the lights says "you know, I am real glad I decided to wear underwear today. It would not have been a good day to go commando."


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