Oh it’s funny

I have been just so swamp-ola’ed that blogging has taken a back seat for a minute, however this was too good not to pass on. I just got an email and I have not stopped giggling. What is awesome is that this is from a friend, someone I actually know. And it is real. I think I am going to revise my about page to reflect something a bit more like this. P – you are my hero. (I have changed names to initials for obvious reasons.) P turned the below description
of himself in to his boss. A potential client wanted a write-up on
all people who would be working on a project.

P.B.D, PE – Senior Environmental Engineer

D, simply put, is awesome.  He is perhaps the greatest
environmental engineer who has ever lived.  Sure, Suthan may have
written some books and stuff, but he is not P D.  If you had a
contaminated site in which gasoline traveled half a mile through coal
beds and impacted residential wells, you’d want P D to do the
job.  This one time there was this really nasty polluted site, and he
cleaned it.  But there were other times as well, when the sites were
even nastier.  He mocked them for their insignificance, but cleaned
them anyway.  Pollution don’t confront him.  He considers pollution a
mockery of a sham. That’s how awesome he is.  He’s also written some
stuff and has spoken at some things.  He currently leads the office
football league with 6 wins.

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