Monday Noontime Prayer

Gracious God, you are so awesome. Really – you are. And to think, I am made in your image. I don’t feel very awesome today. But I do take comfort in knowing that you are – and that I have the DNA of some-being who is.
Lord – Today I give you thanks for keeping my head above water, for friends and loved ones who care for me on all sides. If you get a second (in human terms of course), will you go and give my friend Robert a big ol’ hug? He lost his friend and companion, Mr. Magillicuddy this weekend. He was the coolest dog, really a fine fine specimen of your unconditional love in the world. It is sad that he is gone now, and I know my friend Robert could really use some love and comfort.
Oh – and Holy One – forgive me for being really bad about showing up in the pews lately. I feel like a real schmuck about it. Thanks for showing up in the color of the leaves, and in the song in my heart. Thanks for showing up when I don’t. I love you, a whole lot. You are the greatest. Amen.

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