Old people are COOL

Dcon_stuffing_1 No really. They are.
Today was a mad rush around the office, getting ready for our annual diocesan convention. The people pictured here are Marie and Bill. They are the worlds greatest office angels (formerly known as volunteers). They worked and worked and worked, and we told story after story after story.

I think if I had to name the number one thing I miss about ministry in a church setting, this day would sum it up.

When I worked for the church I grew up at – Wednesday was the big day. I was Master of the Bulletins – and I had a clan of 5th graders who were my helpers. We would make copies (about 2100 bulletins and inserts normally) and dance to the rhythem of the folding machine (ca-bunk-ca-bunk-ca-bunk-ca-bunk-ca-bunk-ca-bunk-ca-bunk-ca-bunk) before youth group started. We twirled and boogied in the church office – while the copy and folding machines hummed and banged.

The next morning – 9 am sharp – the Thursday ladies came. They stuffed and stapled, sometimes taped. I swear that the best church coffee and the most amazing ministry happened on those holiest of Thursdays. I was always relegated to my real office job when they came. But – they worked by the coffee – and let’s just say most Thursdays back then I was pretty jacked up on caffine and sugar – if only to get a passing story.

God – you are so awesome. Thanks for the gift of memory, and for all of the days that you have blessed me with until today. Great stuff God. The good and the bad – it’s all made me who I am today. And who I am is about the most blessed, thankful, crazy for you gal – this side of the river. Bless all those who will travel this weekend. Open my eyes to see what you need me to see, Lord. All this I ask in Jesus name. Amen.


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