the ball is rolling

Today is my last day at work until November 27th when I come back. The bulletins for the service are printed (I will post the worship aide / liturgy on the wedding blog for those of you who would like a copy sometime between today and Monday), the bread for the Eucharist is ordered (we use some wicked good bread at our church), the receptions are set, food ordered and all. My to-do list is dwindling, the house is clean, the yard is looking pretty darn good.
Yes – 3 days and a wakeup. I find myself on the verge of tears many moments.

I stayed up – instead of getting to bed early like I should right now – last night to watch the returns come in. We had a some huge wins in MN. The independent party did not do as well as I had hope for, but I feel good about the votes that I cast. One of the races I did not get to vote for was Patty Wetterling and Michele Bachmann.

In her victory speech, Michele talked about fighting for marriage and families, and in case you are not familiar with Michelle, she is NOT talking about me. This seems to be one of two of the most significant losses I am feeling. The other is in Wisconsin, my neighbor state and where my sweeties family spends a lot of time, they voted to go ahead with banning same sex marriage.

So – right now, NOW, I will make a choice. I will not dwell on these less than hopeful results. I will lay them down, and take up the hope and promise of a new tomorrow. I will pray for a government who can work together, and one who will listen. I will believe the hope and promise that tomorrow holds. I will let go of the elections and cling to the love that transforms me and has the power to transform our world.

Thank you God. Really.

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  1. Hey, I just realized that y’all’s anniversary is going to be just 9 days away from mine and Tina’s. (Yes, that means I just realized my own wedding anniversary is just 12 days away. Better than remembering it with 12 hours to spare….) šŸ˜‰
    We just passed the damn anti-marriage amendment in VA too. I knew it would pass, but it still pisses me off. Reminds us that our hope is not in the power and justice of kings and governments, I guess.
    Peace (and early congratulations!!!),

  2. It strikes me that one of the good things about your state/nation system that you have in the states is that it does allow for changes to come in to more progressive stets and then, hopefully, gradually get accepted throughout the nation. In the U.K. there is no provision for that, we only have one place where laws are made, passed or defeated.
    The people of America are far more involved in political decisions than we are. Although this means you sometimes have to accept defeat at least you get to have a fight in the first place.
    If I could impose English financial and media controls on the American political parties I think I would choose yours over ours anyday. And I would give anything for the freedom of information laws of your country.
    Have a good time.

  3. It is so hard not to dwell on the losses–or the very ugly wins of candidates who are against us as people. However, in our hope of living with an attitude of abundance (instead of buying into our prevalent culture of fear), I help myself by considering the big picture: Bachmann will be quite powerless in Washington. She & the failing handful of people like her will be fighting an uphill battle because with the Dems taking over, there won’t be many people who want to talk about, let alone draft bills on, her small-minded, hate-filled, and really, small-potatoes ideas. This election IS a referendum on Bush, the stupid war, gay-haters, anti-abortion idiots, and all other kinds of women-, minority-, & people-haters. The American people (R, D, I or otherwise) want a safe and wholesome future: peace in our country and in the world, education, healthcare, transportation, safety, clean air & water, and so much more.
    Let’s use our election-month righteous energy & frustration to remain politically involved ALL year, for four more years, and continue to DO something–let’s make some change.
    For ourselves, our kids, and grandkids. I choose to concentrate on what amazing things this new Dem congress can do–while freshman senator Bachmann is still trying to find the ladies’ room at the Capitol.
    And on gay marriage? It’s a short-lived issue that is only a mask for the fear with which our culture-media-government infects us. In the middle of our lives, we will look back & remember when gay marriage wasn’t legal, and we will remember one helluva victory party. Civil rights issues move from one minority to the next: Blacks, Jews, Natives, Irish, Gays, Women, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, the Poor, the Politially Different … My question: after we GLBTAs win, who’s next? And what can we do for those people right now?

  4. Sometimes, between The Troubles in the ELCA and the homophobia and general idiocy of my state legislators, I feel something akin to despair that things will ever change…but my oftentimes more level-headed partner (whose attitude is grounded in surviving a major life trauma and two life-threatening illnesses) points out that we still have a wonderful life; every day is a gift. And it really is.
    Blessings to you and your sweetie!

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