Cheers from Donegal Ireland

Well, not much time to write – I think the internet cafe costs something like a euro every fifteen minutes. Ok – it’s not much. But it’s a huge chunk of time, considering all there is to do and see here. SO – just a quick note to say hello from Ireland, we had great craic in Sligo and are now here in Donegal for a few days. Staying at the Island View B&B. Nice. Warm. Overslept the breakfast this morning.

I thought I would attach the final wedding worship aide here – some of you have shown interest in seeing it. Download bles5D.pdf  – please feel free to share, use, and ask any questions. It was a beautiful day, a wonderful liturgy, and we could not be any happier if we tried.

Blessings abound. Much love. From the newlyweds. Photos when we get home.

p.s. – family – save us some leftovers from the turkey and all the fixins’. 🙂

One thought on “Cheers from Donegal Ireland

  1. I am so happy that you guys are having a glorious time!!! I am jealous. I, in true Cassie fashion, needed to talk to my big sister today. I picked up the phone…and then….shit. Moral of the story= rachel is never allowed to die or go away from her phone ever again. Hheheheheheh…it is nt nearly as traumatic as I make it sound but really I would be in deep do do without you sometimes.
    Happy Honeymooning!!! What are you doing for Turkey Day? Anything super cool? I bet, I mean you are in EEErrrrrrr-land;)
    Love you Sis,

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