I am back

Back from Ireland, back from the land of the hectic. Life is gooooood.

Pictures are coming. I hope you had the opportunity to download the wedding bulletin if you are a liturgy geek like me and want to use it or borrow from it, or just look at it. If not, check out this post to get your copy.

I got an email from Mariann+, our priest from the blessing and got the homily (sermon). Here it is. Download homily_for_rachel_swan_and_karen_mattison.doc

I am printing it and am going to read it later tonight. I have memories of it, but am looking forward to "hearing" it again.

It feels weird to get back in the saddle again. I have been so pre-occupied with wedding whatnot for so long, and looking over my last few months of posts, I am in such a different place right now. I can breathe. I know that life will fill up again, the calendar will start to fill to be sure. But for right now, I am basking in the delight and glory of being completely free.
I feel lighter, my heart is full. In short – I am happy. Really really happy. I think I will rest here for a while and see what emerges.


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