a break from regularily scheduled programming

So, Monday’s have now become my most favorite night of the week. I am NOT a TV junkie. I think the last time that I glued myself to the TV set for a regularly scheduled program was back in the George Clooney / Anthony Edwards days of ER. I have for sure had programs that have kept me captivated since then, but those I watched on DVD – like The L Word and Six Feet Under (the greatest show ever). I don’t have cable, just what will come in with a good ol’ antenna. But, all of this has changed with this years sleeper hit, Monday night show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.Studio_60_1

It’s so strange, NBC doesn’t seem to be pumping it (there have even been rumors of cancelling it) like they do the Thursday night line up or more reality crap like Deal or No Deal. I don’t get it, because the show is seriously so wonderful. In looking around for others like me (oh the joys of the blogosphere) I found this. A place for other dorks and 60 lovers like myself. Now I am no art critic or educated in the finer points of what makes a show great – so I can’t comment on why I like it, other than to say it captivates me, I can’t wait for Monday to roll around, I had my step-mom tape it on VHS while my sweetie and I were in Ireland, and the show always, ALWAYS makes me laugh. And I love to laugh.

Thanks for letting me get this out. Have a wonderful Tuesday. BTW – if you are in the twin cities tonight – please come to TAAP – Theology and a Pint. Tonight the topic is "Spirituality and Food." This event always promises a good time. Cheers!