The days just get shorter and shorter, and my energy plummets along with it. My sweetie has a bum leg, and try as I might, I cannot stop worrying about it.
Energy. *poof*
So – I went surfing around a bit today on break to see if there was a shot in the arm, sort of a bright spot to look at and find comfort in. This is it. It kinda goes along with this post too.

Today – low energy. Tonight, rest, relax, watch Studio 60 on the web, write a few thank you cards maybe and get to bed for a new day tomorrow.

Thank you God, for my beloved. Give sight and wisdom to her physicians that they might find out what the heck is happening in her leg and knee, and fill us in. Thank you for answered prayers for M. Don’t give up on her – and I won’t either. Thank you for the abundance of joy and friends sprinkled into the calendar this month. Help me to know, really know, what this time of year is all about. I ask this in the name of the ittty bitty baby whos birth we will celebrate later in this month, Jesus. Amen.

One thought on “longing

  1. Thanks for the prayers! : )
    I add, Thanks God for MY beloved, who is making herself ill with worry for me. This is the love you gave us to have for each other. That’s some gift–scary but good. Good thing you gave us lots of examples to follow. Help us see them and shine your love all over each other. Oh, and yes, please bless my swollen knee and if it fits in your plans, make it shrink back to its regular size. And if fat-knee is part of your plan for me, please help me see why!

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