A slice of my day

I am the voice on the phone when you call the Episcopal Center for the Diocese of MN. An office lackey. I get all sorts of calls. For the most part – this keeps my job interesting and fun. Today – I had a call that made me stop in my tracks, and all I can do is just pray.

So – yesterday I had to leave the office to take my sweetie to another doctors appointment for her leg – which has a mystery dis-ease that so far has not been diagnosed. So – there was noone answering the phone. I got one message that went something like this.(in your best old man voice)

Hi – I am a member of St. Christopher’s, and I have a question for you. Can you please call me? My number is ___-____.

Ok – you will notice, there is no name to this caller, which always puzzles me. Leave a name, then when I call you back, I can ask for you by name. Anyway – I called this person back today. This is how it went.

Me: Hello, this is Rachel calling from the Episcopal Center, I am returning someones call from yesterday.
Man: Oh yes! You know I just hate leaving messages on machines. Why didn’t you or someone just answer my call yesterday? You know it really is awful that someone can’t just answer the phone there at the diocese.
Me: I am sorry sir, I had to leave the office yesterday, for longer than I expected, and noone was available to answer the phone in my place. What is it that I can help you with?
Man: Well, you tell (so and so important person) that I think it’s terrible. I want to know, there is a lessons and carols service that they do at King’s College in Cambridge England, and I want to know when it will be on TV. Can you find that information for me?
Me: Sure (clickity clickity while I search google for the website). Well, it looks as if they will broadcast it on BBC Radio 4, but I don’t see any information of where it might be on TV.
Man: Well, they used to show it on channel 2, (the public broadcasting local station), but now all they show is the BAPTISTS and the MORMONS (said in an appalling voice), and do you think they could do something for the anglicans? No! I can hardly believe it.

The conversation went on for a bit, I gave him the number at King’s College, and taught him how to make an international call.

Really. The world needs Jesus, healing, love and reconciliation and you just are appalled because other faiths are getting more air time? Why, do we continue to argue about and pick on and bitch about the color of the carpet kind of things (and why call me and tell me about it) when there is so much to pray for and so much to do?

God, pray for me, a sinner, who is called to love even the oldest and crankiest of people sitting and kvetching in your pews. Help me, to love and show love, to ALL of your children. God be with those who need your church to be like it used to. Shower them with your love and grace and give them and me something bigger and better to bitch about. Amen.


5 thoughts on “A slice of my day

  1. The last line of your prayer made me laugh out loud! And I still love that you gave him King’s College’s number. Love it! You ARE the full-service diocese!
    Love, love, love it!

  2. Ah, grouchy old people. A day in my life at St. Christophers. And we wonder why young people don’t go to church.
    Love the prayer. I should cut it out and put it on my fridge. A new mantra.

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