You’re it.

I got tagged. First time ever. So thanks to SarcasticLutheran, (enter big smile here) and here goes.
Post 5 things you may not know about me:

  1. I love Barry Manilow. Ok – maybe some of you know this. Let’s see, I also super love Tom Jones, favorite song would be a tie between Sex Bomb and his version of Fly Me to the Moon.
  2. I used to live in the US Virgin Islands. I was also homeless there for about 2 months, and I consider my time living there to be the single most formational time in my life. Some of my most outrageous stories originate from my time living there.
  3. I don’t like being fat. Yes – I know – it’s a real shocker. I watched the biggest loser last night, all two hours of it, and was inspired. I am not a big "reality-style" TV watcher (Actually not much of a TV watcher at all), but I tip my hat to them for inspiring so many to live a better and more healthy life. Now about that Y membership.
  4. I have never broken a bone. *knock knock*
  5. My greatest hope in this world is to live a good life, shine my little light, and introduce a few people to my friend Jesus. Not whack them over the head, but find my way, my voice, to do the good works that God has called me to do and let them shine so others may see God, maybe in a way they might not have.

OK – that last one was not really a shocker either. But – lately you may have noticed, I am really wondering where this road God has me on is leading. I remind myself, patience. All in good time. But I am restless.

Are you there God – it’s me – Rachel. I am here, just trying to stay tuned for what it is you want from me and for me. Oh I know – you love me and you know I am just crazy about you. Help me to remember in YOUR time. If you know of a church here in the twin cities that is dying to have one more follower, nudge me. I am totally looking for a place to hang with others, serve you, and make a difference all for your love sake. Thanks. Amen.

p.s. – I am tagging Max, and W aka Tierra y cielo. I know I am supposed to tag 5, but I am new at this – so forgive me. Also – Please play along and say something in the comments if you play this meme. So really – TAG – you are it!


One thought on “You’re it.

  1. R,
    Have you checked out the Mercy Seat? Those guys are friends of mine and totally amazing…liturgical and funky. Although if you hang out at House of Mercy you probably already know this. What about Spirit Garage?
    here’s their websites:
    good luck!
    Hey you guys could move to Denver and help me build a community from the ground up!!!

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