No good news on the home front. I just received a call from my sister, she is unemployed as of today. She sounds in good spirits about it, but let’s be frank, losing your job is scary. K is home ill today, the flu. We just can’t believe that pretty much ever since we have walked that journey down the aisle her health has had one thing or another going on. (no updates or diagnosis on the strange leg/knee/now foot dis-ease) I got to see my dad who just had major back surgery on Christmas day, he is also in bright spirits, but is only able to be up and around about 2-4 hours a day. Now – if you knew him at all – you would know this is NOT NORMAL. Surgery and recovery will do that to you though.

So this gets me to thinking – what is going on in the cosmic world that is afflicting my family (and acquaintances) with ills?

God of Mercy, God of healing, come. Be with K, sis, Dad and L in this time of resting and recuperating. Thanks for slowing us down, to listen to you. Help us hear God. All this in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

p.s. – So I am reading Blue Like Jazz, finally. Have you read it? Thoughts you can share?


2 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. I’ve read blue like jazz, I loved it- trying to think back- will be back to comment- prayers for both of you and for your dad
    Peace and blessings

  2. Prayers for healing and health all through 2007 for the fam!
    Read Blue Like Jazz…I also LOVED it! It was an easy read but very poignant and deeply though-inducing…for me.
    It was a book I hesitated reading because it seemed to have a huge bandwagon…but when I finally just read it…I totally ‘got it’. It’s a re-read I’m sure.

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