3rd time a charm right?

Ever have one of those days. A ga-jillion things to say, so much that it brings on the dreaded brain freeze? That’s me, and this is my 3rd time at trying to write about even one thing.
It seems to hard, like they all fit into this neat time line of  my past weekend.
Highlights and then you tell me which you would like to hear about.

  1. Isabella turns 1
  2. Finding a church to call home, it may have happened!?!
  3. Food and friends to share it with
  4. The season 4 premier of The L Word
  5. Wit – with Emma Thompson – breathtaking and tears
  6. You want me to pay how much for a new roof?
  7. The chiropractor of my dreams

There is just so much content! I am blessed indeed. So cast your vote now for the next story.
p.s. – Day 8 and feeling fine here in smoke free land.
Happy Monday.


5 thoughts on “3rd time a charm right?

  1. I think at least a pic of Bella’s 1-year party is in order. I love the way she waits for the flash to be ready & then gives a big baby smile. What a flirt!

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