FFF (F3)

It’s the famous (and not so famous) friday five. Whoopie – here we go!

Friday Five: Countdown Edition

night my TV Boyfriend Keith Olbermann (definitely not the thoughts of swandive – but go ahead) made some comments I really
appreciated, and it got me thinking about what makes one person admire
another. In the spirit of Keith’s show on MSNBC, welcome to the Friday
Five Countdown Edition.

Please count down five living people you
admire and tell us a little something about why they make your list.
These could be famous people or people you know personally.


1) My beloved – K aka Ratchet. She is the most patient, kind, beautiful, silly, funny, talented woman I know, and I am blessed to have her as my partner, my beloved, my own.

2) Yusef Islam. He has just released An Other Cup, which is brilliant and beautiful. His music has changed me, in every stage of my life. I only wish my mom were here to listen to his new stuff with me.

3) The Rev. Dr. Craig Van Gelder. Smart, smart, smart man, who is also a fantastic teacher, and is doing some really great work in equipping some people to think missionally, like me.

4) Pip. The most amazing deacon I know. Seriously – smart, and as the church continues to change and morph, keep an eye out for him. He will be leading it one day. Mark my words.

5) Here is one from left field for you: Bill Hybels. Senior Pastor guy at Willow Creek. If you don’t know him, it is worth doing one of two things. Hear him speak – and attend a leadership summit. I have never, ever heard someone speak so passionately about the local church being the hope of the world. He is by far the one guy who I know I can count on to fill me up when my ministry cup is on E.

As many of you know – I try not to put a whole bunch of thought into these – kinda do them on the fly. So there are just so many people I admire. On this list I personally know 3 and don’t know 2. For balance. This list was really hard. So – I have to mention some that I would be an idiot not to mention. Luke, Douglas, Ewart, Dan M., my brother, my sisters, etc. I could go on and on. But – these people – they have been good to me. And I admire them each so much.

Wendy – you are right – not many women come to mind – and that is just wrong. Let’s change that.

Happy Friday everyone.


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