Prayers – an update

So, for those of you who really pray for those who I have asked for prayers for – I am so sorry for not being very good at reporting what has happened.

First, Radar, my sisters doggie, had to be put down. His health faded very very quickly, and you can imagine, this was a very sad time for my sister. And for all who love and who had tried to get help for Radar in his last days.

Second – go read this from Sara about Eliot. Whoo hooo! Rock on – happy happy dance. Arm pump – shake shake shake your super healthy bootie.

Amy Third – Amy is a friend of mine, through my sweetie. She is awesome. She is a beautiful mom of 2, who has a brain tumor thing in her head that is cancerous. I thought I had mentioned it before, but in looking for my prayers about it – they have been in my brain and on my heart – and not here. So – will you add her to your prayer list please? She started radiation/chemo on Jan 16th. The road ahead is tough – so any and all good thoughts her way would be awesome.

And the update on sweeties knee/leg. The diagnosis came in. It is not a super common thing – but at least we know what it is. Its a form of arthritis. And she carries the gene that predisposes someone to get this wierd thing. But – drug regiment has begun, and hopefully soon enough – it will all be a distant memory. Until then – prayers for healing are still totally encouraged.

Thanks prayer warriors. Oh and thank you everyone for the love and prayers and support for me and my bout with depression. My therapist finally called yesterday – wow – and things are starting to move back into middle land – neither up up up or down down down. Amen amen amen.

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