why stop blogging?

Some of you have asked why I am taking a break.
Here is one example.
Someone must have googled "sarah silverman" or somehow stumbled across my post that a quote from her. Anyway, he left a message, and I replied by email (I also posted my response in the comments, since he suggested it.). You know – because I like discussion. Well, apparently, this is not what I should have done. Here is the reply that I got by email. I like the last line especially.

Why are you sending me an email? I don’t want emails from you. If I
cared about what you had to say (which I don’t) I’d return to the
website. I never ever want to know your opinion about what YOU
think is funny or not funny. I get absolutely nothing out of that. Go
post your response on your blog in the comments section where I don’t
have to read it. Don’t take this personal, but you are a horrible

How the hell do you NOT take being told you are a horrible person, personally? Now I would admit that this does not happen every day. But I think there is alot of me out here, on this blog. My heart, my community, my people. Through this blog, you can see some of the faces of me. So far, this has been a very good place for me to be. It has been a safe place. But, I wonder, now, if it is better that I unplug, disconnect, and find another place to have these conversations? Or maybe, just redirect myself, take me out of the blog, and make it not so personal.

God, owch. It hurts. Be with Tom, be with me. Lord, how long? When will we remember that we should say things in love, because we are talking to your children, people you love.  Direct my mouth God. When I speak, help me to not hurt people. Please. Amen.



13 thoughts on “why stop blogging?

  1. I’ll be praying for you as you make this decision.
    For what it’s worth, I hope that you don’t let that miserable troll change your blog.

  2. I have had some really crude comments made on my youtube video of children at a grape stomp. I have deleted them. They are a little disconcerting. I guess anonymity allows people to be cruel. I would think most people would not answer in that manner. Don’t let it get you down. There are others that value you and your blog!

  3. I am called MadPriest because I am clinically mad. Tom is also mad. He is either psychotic and/or has a severe personality disorder that does not allow him to empathise – he may not even accept that other people exist. It makes as much sense for you to be angry at him for his comments as it would for you to be angry at somebody falling over because they suffered from MS. In stead, feel sorry for him – if he ever finds out it will really annoy him and it will allow you to continue blogging, which is what you know you should be doing.

  4. Why would you let one sad person rule your life or your decision to blog?
    You extended yourself out there and someone bit you. Sorry about that. But if it was not you, he would have bitten someone else. I know it is very hard not to take it personally but do not take it personally!!
    Really….would you wanna miss out on all of us who love you so much?? *twirling around * TA DA!

  5. I’m sorry that happened to you. I think you are very courageous to take the risk and share yourself and your thoughts and your prayers with the world. This is ministry. This is evangelism. This is risky. This is part of being a prophetic witness in the world. Thank you for what you share with us on your blog.

  6. You are not a horrible person- you are a beautiful caring person. Praying for you, and for the person who sent you those horrible words
    peace and blessings

  7. Right on, MadPriest, right on! And Lindsay: yes, excellent observation–this is the risky work of ministry.
    And to all who have commented here: perhaps this conversation is the reason for bad-commentor’s voice: so Swandive can hear all the cheering-clapping-hugging-twirling-loving going on a lot louder.
    There’s a whole lotta smart, inspiring, loving folks in your corner, Swanny, and if that doesn’t make you wanna take on the world, then what will? : )

  8. hey – best group of cheerleaders a gal could ask for – thanks. Your prayers and words are like salve on a really icky burn. I’m still going to take a few days or so off – but am encouraged and blessed. More soon. See you at your place.

  9. I do hope you’ll be back. Some people seem to enjoy saying snarky things in electronic communications, even if they would never say such things face-to-face. If your troll is reading this, the correct wording for his nefarious last line would be, “Don’t take it personally,” not “Don’t take it personal.” Take care, Swandive, I like the blog a lot!

  10. I think this is what happened to Doug Pagitt, too. Think of it this way, it just means you’re breaking through to a lot of folks — most grateful and some crazy. Unfortunately, that’s church in a nutshell.

  11. at the risk of sounding trite: Hurt people…hurt people!
    This guy has HUGE issues and apparently lacks the spirit of a living God that we find renewal in daily!
    Don’t go away for too long! I truly enjoy what you write and have NEVER found anything ‘horrible’ about you or your writing!
    God bless!

  12. remember: “The floggings will continue until morale improves.” –Capt. Bligh
    So chin up, Swan. You’ve survived much worse, with grace and ingenuity and humor and what my mama used to call “grit.”
    A long time ago, someone very smart said to me, “Why would you put your self-esteem in the hands of someone you wouldn’t have to your house for dinner?”
    yours in the struggle,

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