an academy film weekend

Saturday – my sweetie and bundled in (its cold here!)and decided to have our own little double feature night. We decided on a former academy winner, and one that is up this year: Chariots of Fire, which I had never seen but K has, and Jesus Camp, the much buzzed about documentary – that I read about first at strangeculture.

Ummmm, wow. There is just so much to say. I’ll take them one at a time.

Chariots of Fire – My reaction is much like when I watched Ghandi last year. I can’t believe its taken me this long to get around to watching it. The winner in 1981 – all sorts of interesting things pop out to me about this movie. The Executive Producer – Dodi Fayed – friend of Princess Diana, deceased. Ian Charleson, also in Ghandi, brilliantly played one of the main roles, Eric Liddell a Scottish runner who is also a devout Christian. If this movie were to come out today, I am not so sure that it would be received the same, so much has changed in our world since then. But – the sweeping views, the synthesized music,  the timeless message of living into ones spiritual gifts, was enough to keep me captivated for the 123 minutes.

And then there was Jesus Camp. I have to admit, even though I had done some reading up on it, surfing around different reviews, etc. I was not at all ready to take in the emotional roller coaster it took me on. I don’t know what could have prepared me really. I won’t go into all of the details except to point out a few core moments for me. One: Ted Haggard was just awkward, uncomfortable, and really strange in this documentary. His joking and poking at the person watching the film was just strange, his jokes were not funny, and I really wish that I could have heard a message instead of him being so preoccupied by the camera and its location. Two: and I say this as someone who lived something similar, the flat out trickery and leading that the adults do to youth and children in this movie is just sad, unconscionable and shameful. How can a young person make a decision for Christ if they are not old enough to make a decision? I hope that someone stays in touch with these young people, I would love to know them again when they do make it to the age of consent.

Then, Sunday morning I woke up and opened up the Sunday paper to find more hokeus-pokeus religious sadness. The article was the front page lead story – The Kingdom and Power of Mac Hammond. The IRS is doing some investigating of his ministry practices. They do a little inventory of his wealth, multi million dollar wealth. A few homes in Florida, multiple cars and other motorized toys, land land land (without having to pay taxes of course). I don’t get it, how can a reasonable person in their right Michelebachmannmind think that this is the work and providence of the Gospel? This happens to be the same church that politically supported (publicly – a serious IRS no-no) Michelle Bachmann for State Senate. If you don’t know her, google her. This picture sort of says it all.
Anyway –  quote from todays paper

He (Mac) said he buys expensive clothes because "if I look decent, I preach better, so I’m really doing it for you, amen."

Does anyone else find this statement so ridiculous and offensive? Ugh.


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  1. Both are movies that J and I are meaning to see. I’m really afraid to watch Jesus Camp, though. Unconscionable is right. It’s abusive.
    I had read about the Mac Hammond thing too. If I claim to follow Christ, and there are people in the world who have no house, how can I have two? The IRS can investigate him for abusing non-profit status, but not for being a glutton.
    Waaaaaay too much ick in Jesus’ name going on. Someone at my high school had a bumper sticker that said, “O God, save us from your followers!”

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