about getting old

I don’t like it, not being able to consider myself a “young adult” any more. I am going to round the corner past YA’hood this summer (I’ll turn 36 in July, a beautiful double cancer am I). Everytime I am aware of an “old people” behavior, I freak out just a little. Tonight, I am aware of how much MPR and A Prairie Home Companion has come to mean to me. Crap.

Guy Noir: She had a Mount Rushmore t-shirt on, and those guys never looked so good. Especially Jefferson and Lincoln. Kind of bloated but happy.


3 thoughts on “about getting old

  1. My birthday is late June, so I am a fellow Cancerian (isn’t it just the best sign?) and I turn just a little bit older than you this year. I actually like getting older, there can be great gifts of wisdom with aging. Challenges too to be sure, mostly when your body doesn’t work like it used to. Blessings to you, Christine

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