and here it is

I found it. My Lent practice. I went looking for a Lent joke this morning, and found it (not a joke – but a Lenten practice). I went looking for a joke, because I feel like one. A huge joke. I stayed in last night, instead of getting the ashes and divinely inspired whoo ha. I feel like a church nerd failure. I have been reading all of your blogs, in awe of many of you. But when push came to shove last night, I just wanted to stay home. So this is what I ran across – and now I feel inspired. So, if you are late – and want to do some lent whatnot – try here.

"I’m startled or taken aback when people walk up to me and tell me they are Christians. My first response is the question, ‘Already?’ It seems to me a lifelong endeavor to try to live the life of a Christian." – Maya Angelou


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