i need a reminder

060907I am, maybe like many of you were, at home, watching the Oscars tonight. Normally we are at a party, but for whatever reason, we had the pleasure of just curling up, just the two of us tonight. I can’t remember loving it as much as I have so far. I mean, what’s not to love? So far some pretty great jokes have been told, amazing images and art has brightened the screen, Ellen (yeeee!) and a song I forgot all about how much it moved me the first time I heard it.

Have you looked around my whole blog? I have a bunch of different headings, sections. One of them is on the right – called "brought to you by the letter K and …" Go ahead and take a break, scroll down and look. Anyway, I added a new one tonight. Its the lyrics to the song Melissa Etheridge wrote for An Inconvenient Truth, called I Need to Wake Up.

Back in the day, I had a friend, who had just "found Jesus." He was the drinkenest, gayest, 130513_post_it_notesweetest, strange dude I knew. Anyway, he really straightened (no pun intended, although he got married to a woman like 6 months after he found Jesus) up after his conversion to Christ. He used to put post-it notes, with Bible quotes and uplifting thoughts all over his work space. He worked in a theater. Not exactly a hotbed of Lord lovers.

I mention this, because what is here on this blog is of course for you, my friends and guests. But it is also for me. Sometimes when I forget who I am, I go back and read things that I have written here. Or, I go through my links. This blog helps me to remember what I am, it grounds me. I have added the lyrics to I Need to Wake Up, because I heard a call in the song again tonight. And this time – I really don’t want to forget. So – its my own little post-note.

Maybe you hear something too?


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