a doublemint day

Double double church church – with a sweet sweet filling of good friends in between – that would be a fair description of today. Sort of an oreo cookie double stuff day. Except – I am sort of an original oreo lover myself. But – its a metaphor. I’ll stick with it.

I have mentioned here a few times, my love for the two new church communities I have been attending lately. Today – it was just so amazing, so outstanding, so good, that I really do wonder. I wonder why, why are these places not just bursting at the seams? I mean really? Their awesome-ness is just breath-taking sometimes.

I am fully aware that I am a total church dork. Yep – 110% on fire for Jesus, yet something nags at me. Every week I hold in my mind, all my friends, family and people I have met over the years that are not the Lord lover that I am. My non-churchy, not down with the Gee Ohh Dee friends. They are not all pagans or agnostic, but some are. I try to imagine what they might experience, what they might hear if they were to stop in some Sunday, or more importantly, what they might experience or hear about God, through me. Because, really – that is a much more realistic view. People do not just wake up, after not going to church or believing in God, and say…"hmmm, church today?"

Today they would have heard that the church cares about women, empowering them, working to make them equal to men, and reducing mortality rates of their children. They would have known that its not just Co-ops and the Human Rights Campaign that care about and are DOING something about injustice and foodshelves. They would have heard someones needs, real (healing, grocery lists, childcare, loving, tell me I am not alone) needs, being met in a group of friends and strangers muttering together "hear our prayer."

I have a present, a gift, that I am dying to share with the world.