I can’t remember when

I can’t remember when I found this blog, but I follow him, loosely. The last few weeks have been quite a journey for him. Monday, he posted about his experience at another "dying" church, an Episcopal Church, in his neighborhood.

Episcopal Here is an excerpt from his post – but please go read it.

i’ve never seen such care, such respect, such love, and such beauty surround communion in all my life. as i watched the rector pray over the cup and the bread, making motions and preparations i was overcome with just how essential and important the eucharist is to the life of this congregation, and as i watched tears welled up in my eyes. i desperately wanted to participate in this, but was a little nervous as to the proper way of participation. tracy and i must have looked extremely confused because a lady behind us peeked her head in to tell us that we could participate in the eucharist if we wanted to, and she began to explain how they do it… she even offered to go in front of us so that we could watch her and follow her lead!

I love this post, for so many reasons. It gives me hope, tickles me, and it helped me to remember that the little dying church that I belong to- brings hope and reverence and light into this world. Go little friendly hope-filled church, GO! And I get to work in it. And despite what the media says, it ain’t all about the queers.

Holy God, thank you. Thank you for being bigger than our fights, for showing up in our tiny little (and in some places big) churches, for letting us be a part of what you are blessing. Help us to hear Lord, help us to listen, and then act. With all the love and grace you can muster up for us broken folks I pray. Amen.