Friday 5 – Matters of Taste

Its Friday. Time for the 5.    Friday Five: Matters of Taste

(Songbird says) My mother loved figs.

I only like them in a Newton.

It’s all a matter of taste.

Name five things you like a lot that some close relative or significant other did/does not like. This could be food, movies, hobbies, music, sports or whatever springs to mind.

1.  I love love love pumpkin pie, my sister nearly falls over barfing when it comes into the room at thanksgiving. Strangely – I love thanksgiving, and this is one of the reasons why. She is so expressive about her distaste of pumkin pie.

2.  Prince. I love Prince and all of his purple-ocity. My sweetie – not so much.

3.  Jesus, God the Big One upstairs, and the Holy Spirit. I have many friends who aren’t down with the G.O.D. I love them for what they teach me, the conversations that ensue. Whats even better is none of us feels the need to "evangelize" eachother.

4. Can you believe some people in my life don’t enjoy Guinness. AND – its not a deal breaker, well, they are family.

5. Driving. I love love love to drive. If I was not in ministry, I would drive cab. For sure. I do love me some public transportation, but I think I might die without the ability to get in my car, crank up the radio, and set out for destination anywhere. I am my beloved’s chauffer. I think she could take or leave the whole thing.

So thats my five, tell me where you played in the comments. Or play in the comments. Happy friday.


13 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Matters of Taste

  1. Fun play! I love to drive, too. I used to detest sitting in traffic until I started checking out audiobooks from the library and making sure I had a selection of good music CDs in the car as backup.

  2. Hmmm…I hate driving, except for country roads/”blue highways” driving. If I won the Lotto, I’d hire you to be my chauffeur!
    Oh…and dittos on the Guinness. Cellar cold, thank you.

  3. I LOVE Guinness. I gave up alcohol for lent; so I am salivating at this point. But nonetheless, I can still taste the wonderful Guinness-ness in my imagination and hope for the glory of Resurrection.
    God’s Peace,

  4. I cannot possibly have a sister, in-law or otherwise, who does not love the gloriousnessocity of the one and only Prince. You tell Karen from me that unless she wants me to divorce her, she better rethink such irrational decisions.

  5. I want no part of any divorce! I think Prince is an amazing musician and in his purpleness has changed the world for the better. I am, however, really, really, really white and that is my taste downfall. Be gentle with me, Sister, and help me along. I can change, I’m sure. In my whiteness, I did enjoy his half-time show at the superbowl … oh and I liked the football a lot too!

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